Farm-to-Table Lamb Meat for Your Customers

Your Local Supplier for Market Lamb Meat

Customers visiting your restaurant or butcher shop deserve quality, tender lamb meat. We partner with you to provide the best farm-to-table meat for your business. Our family-owned and operated farm is centrally located in Pennsylvania to easily serve businesses in Philadelphia, Newark, and New York City. We raise market lambs to USDA specifications and contract with local butchers and restaurants.

Benefits of Buying Our Market Lambs:

  • We raise grass-fed lambs on a small farm, producing meat that is tender, juicy and outstanding in flavor.
  • We partner with you to provide the best product for you and your customers from our flock of Texel, Dorsett, Suffolk and Hampshire sheep.
  • We have a history of using animal husbandry to raise animals right.
  • We maintain a small operation and work to decrease our carbon and environmental footprint.